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Coloring prices


Coloring services are priced according to the amount of product that is needed and used to complete the work. In other words, the price of your dye job will be dependent on the amount of coloring material (bleach, dye, etc.) that is needed, as well as the services that you have selected. People have different thicknesses of hair and just because your hair is the same length as your friend’s doesn’t mean that your hair will cost the same as theirs – that’s why we don’t set our prices according to hair length. To account for this, if you have long or thick hair, we will oftentimes include an additional material charge of 16,50 € - this also goes for highlights, as the amount of material needed for highlights can vary greatly from customer to customer. Because of the way our pricing is structured, it’s easiest for us to provide estimates in-person, so if you are interested in adding some color to your life and hair, just stop in and ask - we’re happy to help and answer any questions you may have!


Coloring prices (by milliliter):

Under 90ml    36,50€

90-120ml     42,50€

130-150ml     47,50€

160-180ml     52,50€

190-210ml     58,50€

220-240ml     64,50€

250-270ml     69,50€

280-400ml     73,50€

Over 400ml/addition material charge  +16,50€

Highlights     starting at 26,50€


All prices have Value Added Tax of 24% built in.

Haircut prices

Cut with color service    20,50€

Haircut    25,50€

Haircut, clippers + scissors    17,50€

Clipper/buzz cut    12,50€

Long-hair trim    18,50€

Children’s cut – under 7 years-old €    13,50€

Fringe trim     8,50€

Clippers + scissors + beard shaping     21,50€

Clippers + scissors + hair tattoo     21,50€


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