Let Elli-Donna tell you a bit about what makes DO different from other salons.

DO Stinger

Is my hair OK? When you come to DO, you won't have to ever worry about this again!

Trip to the DOon

Putting man on the Moon was tough, but visiting the DOon is easy!

Zeke Vaara

He fights for you right to choose and protects you from the over-priced bullies. Zeke Vaara resists deprivation and is the champion of cheap prices!

Print advertising

DO's ads differs from the mass. Below is the opening ad "Marilyn" in Oulu and our flyer "Brilliant".

Location & Contact


Uusikatu 13-15  |  Phone  044 982 2600



Pekankatu 3  |  Phone  044 450 5050

DoHair Salon

DoHair is a hair salon that offers premium quality services at up to half the price of the competition. 'DO' the right thing and choose DoHair!


Services & Prices