Good To Know – DO is different

Our Duunari-professionals will do your ‘Do’ up right!

What is a Duunari? Let us explain!


Duunari – Noun|Duu•na•ri|/doo-na-ree/


 The Duunari is the title earned by a DoHair professional that has worked hard to provide excellent services and show unwavering love and ambition for their profession! Duunari’s are the life-blood of DoHair and are dedicated to making you look absolutely fabulous, while saving you money too!

When you meet our crew members, you know that you are in the presence and care of a true professional. Our crews consist of only the top professionals who are both honest and friendly. Our Duunari’s carefully examine your hair and listen keenly to every customer’s desires to make the best decisions for you and your hair. At DoHair, you’ll always get the best service for your hard-earned money – that’s just how we DO it!

You style your own ‘do

We provide the professional tools, you finish your ‘do! Once your hair has been cut/colored, you then move onto our styling area where you can finish styling your fresh new ‘do. Our Duunari’s will provide you with helpful tips and advice too! We save on costs by letting you finish your hair how you want and then we pass the savings on to you! Handy, fun, easy and cheaper than the competition – that’s just how we DO it!


In addition to the excellently priced services and top-of-the-line DoHair experience, you’ll also have the opportunity to buy any of our hair products at 50% off their regular retail price with the purchase of any other services at our salon! Got a haircut? Pick up some styling wax and hairspray to keep your ‘do looking great every day! Newly-colored hair? Don’t forget the toning shampoo to keep your hair looking amazing longer! Join the DO revolution and stock-up on all your hair needs!

Fun for one or great for groups

Can’t get away from work to get your hair cut before the salon closes? Long lines and waiting lists getting you down? Are you a college student or family looking for a budget-conscience salon that still provides excellent services? Look no further! DoHair is the answer!


DoHair is open from 9am to 9pm daily, every Monday through Friday. Our extended hours provided added opportunities in the day to get your hair done, without forcing you to rush from place to place. Come along or bring your friends and family. There’s always room for you at DoHair!

No reservations

DoHair is different from the others in that we only accept walk-ins and don’t take any reservations. Our Do professionals work together as a team to provide you with great services and to keep wait times as short as possible. We’re all about productivity and proficiency at DoHair and by being efficient and quick, we can pass these extra savings onto you! Simple and wallet friendly – that’s just how we DO it!

Do is up to 50% cheaper than the “other guys”

Money is tight for a lot of people nowadays. Whether you’re a college student on a budget, a family trying to live within their means, a senior looking for a great deal, or just want to save your Euros for bigger things; DoHair is the place for you! We don’t waste money on super fancy furniture, luxurious do-dads and other pointless knick-knacks that the “other guys” have. These things jack up the prices of your haircut and don’t really bring you any kind of benefit. That’s why DoHair focuses only on the essentials. Our chairs may be used, but our services are top-notch.


By working as a team, and leaving the fancy décor to the “other guys”, we keep our costs low and pass the savings onto you! Excellent value and professional services – that’s just how we DO it.

Comfort is a good ‘do

DoHair is more than just a salon; it’s a place to hang out and enjoy time with friends. The factory-like design of our salon, allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy a break from your day while you get your coiffe done right.


We stream an excellent selection of music for your listening pleasure and are always open to customer suggestions. Our comfortable seating area has a large selection of magazines for your reading enjoyment, and a kids’ coloring table for the little ones! Do also offers occasional live music acts and other fun events from time to time. The coffee is always on at Do and it’ll only cost you 0,50€ per cup! Prefer tea? We’ve got that covered too! Almost sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, that’s just how we DO it.

Can 50% cheaper be better?

DO's staff is comprised of some of the best professionals with excellent levels of education, training and experience; making them arguably the most versatile salon pros in the area. All of our staff receive consistent & extensive training from some of Scandinavia's top dyeing and cutting professionals.


DO's atmosphere and concept provide an excellent opportunity to grow as a professional, and an awesome place to complete your practical training.

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Uusikatu 13-15  |  Phone  044 982 2600



Pekankatu 3  |  Phone  044 450 5050

DoHair Salon

DoHair is a hair salon that offers premium quality services at up to half the price of the competition. 'DO' the right thing and choose DoHair!


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